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Service Level Agreement

Scious Inc., hereafter referred to as the Company, will provide Technical Responses to Service Requests received from subscribers of the Service Level Agreement, hereafter referred to as the Customer. The time allocated to the delivery of Technical Responses shall be measured from the time of receipt of the relevant Service Request by the Company during Support Hours. Upon receipt of a Service Request, the Service Request will be assigned a Priority, where the Priority measures the severity of the situation. The Technical Response Time will depend on the Priority as follows:

Priority support matrix


A key function or feature of the Service is inoperable and further operation cannot proceed until it is fixed. Company will provide correction or workaround, as applicable within 4 business hours.


While a function of the Service is operable, the operation is inconsistent with the Service Levels and the inconsistency involves a material failure to comply with specifications for the same. Company will provide correction or workaround, as applicable within 24 hours.


An issue which does not affect the functionality of the Service. Company will provide correction or workaround, as applicable within 5 days.

If Company does not provide a workaround or a correction in the allotted Technical Response Time for a High, Medium, or Low Priority Service Request, Company will continue to work to correct the issue each day during the week for a High Priority issue or during support hours for a Medium or Low Priority issue.

Support hours

Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm CST. USA federal holiday's that overlap with regular support hours will have double the Technical Response Time (within 8 hours) for High Priority Service Requests.


Company will not be responsible for correcting a Service Request arising from any of the following:

  • Problems resulting from any modifications of the Service made by any party other than Company.
  • Problems resulting from any Customer Service-Compatible Application(s).
  • Incorrect use of the Service; or to the extent the relevant environment is not within Company’s control.
  • Any fault in the equipment or in any programs used in conjunction with the Service or in respect to any Customer Service-Compatible Application(s).

Concurrent coverage

The benefits of this Service Level Agreement extend to all of Customer's concurrent Bubble Plugin and VS Code Extension Subscriptions, including the following Products: