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Scious Search [Latest]

The following is documentation for the latest version of the Scious Search plugin - version 1.3.3


Scious Search makes it possible to build real time, search-as-you-type experiences in Bubble. As a deep integration, it:

  • Preserves Bubble privacy settings across all data types.
  • Does not degrade or slow down as your database grows to millions of records since it uses Algolia or Typesense as a search provider.
  • Returns an actual bubble thing, which can be used like any native bubble data type within the editor.
  • Works with all versions of your app so you can thoroughly test integrations before going live.
  • Can filter searches by whether a value is missing (which is not available in any current Algolia or Typesense integration)
  • Can sort search results by options (which isn't even available in native Bubble searches).
  • Can sort search results alphabetically.
  • Can facet search results.
  • Can save you money.


Known limitations

  • We have not implemented Algolia "Recommend" (we plan to along with a Typesense equivalent).
  • Search filters are not able to span multiple data types / indices. That said, we have work arounds for this (will be documenting this soon)
  • You cannot sync more than one geographic address field per record per index using Algolia - that's a limitation of Algolia. Typesense can sync any number of geographic addresses per record.


  • Refer to our demo's editor for a self documented guide on how to setup and use Scious Search.
  • Need help integrating Scious Search? Want to request a feature? Drop a message in our free Bubble support channel where we answer questions as able.
  • Prefer to have someone integrate Scious Search for you? We'll be offering integration services 'for hire' soon.
  • We offer a Service Level Agreement for customers requiring plugin service and maintenance guarentees.